About Us

We have designed our motorhomes based on what our customers want, all of our customers have been touring in motorhomes for many years alot of the time in cab overs or buses and have decided to down size to suit there circumstanses and to insure that they can continue the lifestyle for the years to come. 

We build our motorhomes with easy to use and practicle design features throughout, also delivering a desirable finish and quality. We offer you fully furnished motorhomes with all the latest technology in power storage, heating, and self containment. Our motorhomes have everything you will need for touring the country or staying at your favourite spot with ease.

We offer you a new motorhome built to your preferances giving you the satisfaction of having what you want.

We are a family own an operated busniess and have been for the pass 16years, Matthews father started out building motorhomes in 2001, With his wife Leonie and Matthew helping along side. In 2011 Matthew and his Wife Natasha, Took over the busniess and are continuing the family busniess of building a quility Built Kiwi Motorhome.


"We dont just offer you what we have, we can offer you what you want in your Motorhome"